Thursday, December 27, 2012

Penguin Handwriting Freebie HWT styled fonts and practice

It snowed in Texas on Christmas day.  

The kids are glued to our new game console to avoid the cold.  Hubby is redoing the kitchen.   Mom is nuzzled up by her computer plotting an Arctic theme for January.      I hope the weather lasts a couple of weeks, or we'll be studying Arctic and Antarctica in 70 degree Texas sunshine.  

New Year's 2013 will start out with penguins and polar bears.   Early this week I posted the P. Bears Polar New Years Party unit.  

I have created a penguin winter sports theme handwriting game, Penguin Writing.   It's like Reindeer writing but with a winter penguin theme.   Of course it's absolutely free.  

Please check out these freebies and have a great day!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Polar Bear Party Literacy Activity -- Friday Freebie Extra

Today I am prepping all activities for January 7th,  our first day back to school.      Yesterday I introduced my New Years mini unit on this blog.  "P. Bear's New Year's Party", by Paul Owen Lewis, covers the concepts of hourly time and numbers 1 to 12.  
      The unit begins by reading the book to the children.    To make this more interactive,  I created number cards with pictures of each guest animal.   Twelve cards have number words, another twelve display dots.    I distribute the cards evenly before I read the book.   As I read about the animal guests, the children put the corresponding cards into the top hat.
          I made the top hat out of two old Folgers cans of different sizes.    I used a small can and a large can.    We buy small cans of decaf and giant cans of regular coffee.   Hubby only likes the strong stuff, but I like decaf on a cold night.   I save all the empty canisters and use them for crafts and dry bulk storage.  I also save egg cartons for math, but that is a different story.  

The next thing I tackled was assembling the time games.   To assemble the games,  I used page protectors to make a folder.  I taped one protector to another.   This assembly allows me to fold the games and store in a large document envelope. 
Game 1 requires place markers.  I clipped colored paper clips to the side of the game board.   These will be the game markers.

There are three spinners to add for two games. I have several novelty spinners already.   I did not want to use my large spinners, so I made spinners with a paper brad and paper clips.

How to make a spinner

  1.  Pierce the center of the circle with a thumb tack.
  2.  Place a small paper brad about half way through the paper.
  3. Tape the prongs of the brad to the back of the paper.
  4.  Slip a small paper clip over the top of the brad.

Make certain the paper brad  protrudes above the paper.  Tape the end of the brad down on the reverse side of the paper.  The brad creates a post for the paper clip to turn around.   If you need a longer spinner, then join 2 paper clips together.     Place a water bottle cap over the brad before putting the game away.   The cap protects the brad, so it doesn't get bent in storage.

Finally, I cut out the story sequencing puzzle pieces.  The puzzle board has clocks showing the time and an outline of the puzzle piece.   The puzzle pieces have animal pictures.   The child  reads the clock and finds the visitor that arrived at that time.  

You can download the free number cards from here.
The mini unit is on my TpT store.  Download the preview to receive a free Polar Bear in Top Hat and Bow Tie craft

The children are asking to do this activity.   Their enthusiasm reassures me that the first day on the new year will be fun.  This project takes some preparation,  but adds novelty to returning to school after the holidays..  It is hard to get little ones excited after the holiday festivities are over.  I think this will do the trick for us.  Finally, I  can take a needed break.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
Mrs. D

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Handwriting Freebie

Grab a handwriting freebie with a Reindeer Theme.

Practice upper and lowercase letter matching and handwriting excellence with this handwriting Freebie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ten Little Turkeys Craft and Poem for Free

Ten Little Turkeys Freebie

Ten Little Turkeys

I  created a fun Thanksgiving program for our home-school last week.  However, we got the flu shots, and now we all have the flu.  Oh well, perhaps my organization can help you this week instead.

       Last week,  I tried to find a counting turkey book rather last minute.  We just wrapped up a four week theme unit on government and elections.  Thanksgiving quickly sneaked up on my schedule.  On the 7th of November, the library was clean out of Thanksgiving books.    I scavenged Half Price Books but found nothing.   Amazon and Barnes and Noble were too expensive.   I didn't give up.    My persistence paid off when I found a lovely poem on the internet.   I followed up by making this activity go with it.   You may download the poem and the craft from my Teachers Pay Teachers store front, "Teaching For Fun".     Enjoy!

Don't forget to clean out your local library of Christmas books now.     I did!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Mrs. D

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Math Centers K-2

It seems like yesterday school started.  But now we are blowing through the fall.  I am making lot games for the winter right now.  

Here at our home-school we are wrapping up first grade math with a review of adding /subtracting to 100, a review of money and time.

The kids gave "Place Value Candy Corn" a big thumbs up, so I created a Thanksgiving version too.    This time I added a second level of cards.  We can play "Go Fish".  I also added a more advanced place mat for building numbers to 999.

New Combo Packet

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. D

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A free story map for you.

*The graphics are from The Graphics Factory and commercially licensed to my company.

Today we were asked to fill in a story structure in a workbook.   There was less than an inch of space for a beginning writer to use.   A frustrated child refused to do the assignment.   I was annoyed not with the child but the publisher.   It is hard to ask the student to be neat,  if there is no room to write.   After school today,  I whipped up this little PDF.  It is a very simple story map.   I hope you enjoy it too.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wags, Words, and Writing .. Literacy Workshop based on "How Rocket Learned to Read" and "Rocket Writes a Story"

The entire 200 page "Wags, Words, and Writing"  Literacy workshop is on TeachersPayTeacher!

Here's the Description ... I was literally pasting it in when the update was aborted.

Book Unit -- Writing and Word Work Activity Pack

This 13 page lesson guide contains four ELA mini units based on BOTH books by Tad Hill’s:

                “How Rocket Learned to Read”

                “Rocket Writes a Story”
If you have a multi-aged group classroom, homeschool young children, or just largely different levels of writers in your classroom then this package is for you.

This activity pack will make you smile.  It  has over 17 different games, graphical organizers, and writing prompts that range in difficulty from Kinder to 2nd grade.    

Download the idea guide for FREE.   If you would like to implement the workshop, purchase a fully licensed package and receive the following:

 1.    6 Word Work Games
2.    100 Dolch Sight Word Cards
3.    Over 100 words cards from BOTH books.
4.    Phonics / Handwriting Games
5.    Graphical Organizers
6.    Writing Prompts.

 Wags, Words, and Writing is geared to first grade and beginning 2nd grade writers.   There are some easier prompts for struggling or younger writers.  Addtionally there are some challenging prompts for the more progressed writer.  
The second grade writing prompts tie into the 2011 2nd grade Treasures “Pets as Friends” unit.     

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wags and Words -- How Rocket Learned to Read & Rocket Writes a Story

Word Wall
I am wrapping up summer with a book unit theme based on two stories by Tadd Hills,  "How Rocket Learned to Read" and "Rocket Writes a Story". 

The book unit consists of three types of activities: word work, writing, and handwriting.
Here is a sneak peak!
Product release this Sunday!

Character analysis, character comparison, story mapping
Handwriting, Letter Sounds,

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Showcase great or important work with a Hollywood Movie Marquee

A teacher recently commissioned a "Now Reading" marquee. Her idea is really clever. Place the marquee in the center of the bulletin board and surround the announcement with a book reading list or sight word list (popcorn words).

The second graphic created for the set displays the phrase "Now Showing" . You may use this marquee to highlight students work on the bulletin board. Each poster is 24 by 10. They print on three 8.5 by 11 sheets of paper.

Marquees are $3 for the set.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Sets of Name Plates with PAWS. HWT styled alphabet / Cursive and Manuscript

These name plates are really useful. They model the entire alphabet and the numbers zero to twenty. There are two versions. One set has manuscript the other has cursive. As always, I use HWT styled fonts for reinforcement of good habits.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Puppy Paws Free September Calendar

The Friday Night Freebie is the September Calendar with puppy paws theme.    The freebie contains several different printing sizes.   You can print almost any size you desire from 8.5 by 11 to 13 by 19 inches without distortion.     Print on two 8.5 by 11 sheets, assembly, and laminate for free resusable calendar you can make at home. 

All 12 months will be available for purchase on Tuesday.   All print sizes are included in the download.   The package price is $3.26.  

Happy Sabbath!
God bless you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paws Bulletin Boards

The "Paws Bulletin Board" materials were delayed due to printing issues.   I wanted to be certain the colors you see are the colors that print.   Printing something that remotely resembles your monitor color is not straight forward.  
Thursday I will release Alphabet cards, posters, letter head, and calendars. 

Please check-out all my PAWS Bulletin Board Material here.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Print Your Own Paws Bulletin Board

The "Paws" themed consumables from the teaching supplies store are expensive. The shape they use is a standard "Adobe Shape". Creating the alternating pattern has to be done on your own. It wasn't easy, but I wrestled Adobe Illustrator to the ground and came out with my own "Paws Theme". I made some bones and turned them into name plates.   Then made frames, posters,  and am working on ABC wall cards that model Handwriting without Tears styled manuscript.  

Stay tuned for some print your own paws from my store. I'll have them ready by Sunday morning.

Here is a link to the theme I modeled. My version doesn't have its paws hacked off due to "seams" on the edge.  That took some work! I also prefer the purple to the black for the inside frame.  Here's a sneak peak.

The freebie "Rocket Daily Five" got a face lift too. Here is what the new one looks like.

The Rocket Daily Five is free. You can make your own my going to the link in my previous blog for the free teachers resources from Random House. Or you get a ready to print PDF for your "Friday Night Freebie", by visiting my store "Teaching for Fun".  Don't for forget to come back for the Saturday Night Sale.

Paws Bulletin Board Material

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