Thursday, July 12, 2012

Print Your Own Paws Bulletin Board

The "Paws" themed consumables from the teaching supplies store are expensive. The shape they use is a standard "Adobe Shape". Creating the alternating pattern has to be done on your own. It wasn't easy, but I wrestled Adobe Illustrator to the ground and came out with my own "Paws Theme". I made some bones and turned them into name plates.   Then made frames, posters,  and am working on ABC wall cards that model Handwriting without Tears styled manuscript.  

Stay tuned for some print your own paws from my store. I'll have them ready by Sunday morning.

Here is a link to the theme I modeled. My version doesn't have its paws hacked off due to "seams" on the edge.  That took some work! I also prefer the purple to the black for the inside frame.  Here's a sneak peak.

The freebie "Rocket Daily Five" got a face lift too. Here is what the new one looks like.

The Rocket Daily Five is free. You can make your own my going to the link in my previous blog for the free teachers resources from Random House. Or you get a ready to print PDF for your "Friday Night Freebie", by visiting my store "Teaching for Fun".  Don't for forget to come back for the Saturday Night Sale.

Paws Bulletin Board Material

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