Thursday, December 27, 2012

Penguin Handwriting Freebie HWT styled fonts and practice

It snowed in Texas on Christmas day.  

The kids are glued to our new game console to avoid the cold.  Hubby is redoing the kitchen.   Mom is nuzzled up by her computer plotting an Arctic theme for January.      I hope the weather lasts a couple of weeks, or we'll be studying Arctic and Antarctica in 70 degree Texas sunshine.  

New Year's 2013 will start out with penguins and polar bears.   Early this week I posted the P. Bears Polar New Years Party unit.  

I have created a penguin winter sports theme handwriting game, Penguin Writing.   It's like Reindeer writing but with a winter penguin theme.   Of course it's absolutely free.  

Please check out these freebies and have a great day!


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